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"Knowing what I do now? Not at all." It was a bitter truth, and for someone steeped in lies as he, he found it difficult to accept that. But it was one of the more important necessary truths in existence. 

With his meal done, Loki lay down on the floor, prompting Baldr to clamber onto his chest and use it as a trampoline, stopping only when he froze the pet in mid-jump; it then proceeded to curl up on his stomach for a brief nap. “Wolves. Yes, I’ve heard they can be quite a problem. Have you ever considered taming one and keeping it as a pet?”

Alsoomse gave a small nod, figuring just as much. She may not have the travelling or age repertoire that Loki possessed but she was smart enough to figure certain truths for herself.

Once she finished her own meal the Shawnee woman set aside her plate and leaned against the wall, her petite legs stretched out with the skirt of her gown fanning out. “Not a wolf, no,” she denied with a small shake of her head, “although I happen to have a red-tailed hawk back home whom is my most faithful companion. I have taken to calling her Scoate. It is my people’s word for ‘fire.’”

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"Yes Mom." Natoma smirked a bit as she began to walk in the direction. The forest was quite at night and a gentle breeze came through and went through the trees. "The Great Spirit is blessing us…" Natoma whispered before she began to hum a soft praise song to bless their trip. She had a hand clasped around her bow and her eyes watched for anything that moved which didn’t seem natural in the heavily wooden area.

Alsoomse glowered at her friend but let it pass. She didn’t want anything to happen to Natoma, especially now since she had seemingly no one else. Her eyes were like a hawk as she scanned the frontier, dismissing skittering rabbits or screeching owls. For now it certainly seemed they were being blessed as they had yet to come across any Utopia sympathizers or people desperate enough to kill them and strip them of everything they owned. Softly she whispered a prayer of protection for good measure.

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"Bonjour," greeted the sailor cordially, despite the fact that his cheeks were red with nerves. "You don't know me, but the boys back there wagered that I wouldn't have the guts to kiss the next pretty woman to walk by." While not shy, per se, he was not entirely certain that his advance would be welcome. With this in mind, he approached her without aggression, his kiss unusually yielding so that she could push him away if she so desired.




"Hmm?" The Shawnee woman’s eyebrows had shot up in surprise. In most cases she would’ve slapped him away as most sailors would have most certainly barreled their way to her and planted a sloppy one on her without so much as a word—and perhaps even an attempt to squeeze her rear. So while Alsoomse was unaccustomed to such familiar contact—and especially from a stranger—she allowed him a moment or two before indicating it was enough. "That was rather unexpected," she stated with a small laugh once she’d gently pushed him away. "What is your name then?"

Titus couldn’t help but feel a little relief in the idea that his mates had likely gotten bored with the display. He wasn’t entirely certain that they would not have reacted in a more severe manner—usually, he would have, too, but he had been so certain that the woman was not a threat to him prior that he simply hadn’t thought to go on the offensive. That, and he supposed that having children had made him much softer than he once was.


"Just not with me?" he asked, and though the question was accusatory, his tone was significantly less so. He was still not entirely sure that she wasn’t insane, but really, wasn’t that a better reason to stay rather than to run away? If he left, then he would know less about her than if he managed to push through. “It’s because I couldn’t pronounce those names, isn’t it?”

The situation was an odd one. One minute there was teasing, then hostility, then teasing again. If they kept this up Alsoomse was sure she’d become utterly exhausted from the whole exchange. Perhaps she was going mad somehow. Maybe after all this insanity of life she’d finally cracked. Perhaps she should spend some time in solitude after this and see if she could discern what the Creator wanted next from her.

The Shawnee woman could no longer hold back her laughter, now realizing how badly she needed to release it. “Ah, I am afraid so,” she replied with an amused shake of her head. Truthfully they just needed to get to know each other better, but that was both obvious as well as a thin line to walk. Who knew what their initial relationship would be. Allies? Friends? Or would they lapse back in forth? “Keep trying though. I’m sure you’ll get it right sooner or later.”

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