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you were my  S U N 
                my   M O O N  &  S T A R S  

                            but the moment i looked at you, 
                                            i started to shake my head and laugh. 

             how foolish am i, to not realize 
             that all this time, you were  my 
                                    U N I V E R S E.

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Lights, Camera, [Dissatisf]Action | Model AU


"Right in one," he agreed. He didn’t talk to a lot of VS Angels, mostly because they either had boyfriends, husbands, or he wasn’t interested. Well, mainly the latter. Then of course there was the unspoken fact that Isabella would flay him alive if he started flirting with another woman, but he knew that the moment he had the nerve to actually break free of her toxic influence, he’d be okay. 

Loki grinned, standing up. “Yeah. It’d be a field day when they start calling Miranda and Rosie.” His phone wasn’t passcode protected, but it needed his thumbprint. “Come on. Last one in the water is…well, I’m sure you know what comes next.”

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Once the phones were placed safely behind the counter, Alsoomse was already shooting off toward the water. “Last one in is a rotten egg!” she shouted as she shot past him, completely unabashed by the staring she’d received. She cannonballed in, making a splash as she plopped into the water.

She couldn’t remember the last time she’d done that since most pools she went to nowadays often involved a photoshoot or some fancy party involving formal dresses and champagne. As her head popped up from the water, she gave Loki a smirk. “Well? Aren’t you coming?” she teased.



"Excellent." He smiled a little, snapping his fingers at Baldr, who ignored him and continued rolling. "As much as I know you’re capable of defending yourself, I’d hate to have my own people executed." Or maybe he wouldn’t - there was no love lost between him and the Aesir. It was only through technical default that the throne of Asgard had fallen into his hands, but he was determined to hold on to his rule for as long as possible. So far, his methods were less than tyrannical, but he never really knew what the people thought. 

Loki squinted a little, deciding that it was more of a compliment than an insult. “There may still be a few tricks up my sleeve, Alsoomse. But I’ll leave you to rest and change. You may be exhausted.” 

|| independentalsoomse ||

Alsoomse almost burst into laughter when Baldr ignored Loki. She was growing fonder of the beast every minute. “You think me capable of such bloodshed?” she inquired with a curious tilt of her head. She would have figured a race so much more superior to her own would be more than capable of defending themselves from her wrath. Perhaps Loki saw more to her abilities than she herself did.

Niyaawe, Loki,” she said, giving a small nod. “Shall we meet up in an hour? I would hate to keep you from your duties. Besides, I doubt Baldr is leaving this spot for a while….” She gave the animal a fond grin, never having ceased petting him.

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