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             ❝ Hatito. Does that mean hello? ❞ she
       inquired with a kind smile, genuinely curious.
       She stored the word away in her memory, 
       unknowing if one day it would be of use to her.
       Briefly she glanced upwards, but her attention
       was otherwise granted to the wolf before them.

"Yes, it does," Alsoomse confirmed with a small nod. They had almost finished skinning the animal by this point, and soon they would be determining which parts of the kill would be going to whom. "Sometimes I have a tendency to slip into my mother tongue."


IndependentAlsoomse was one of the first Alsoomse role-players to appear in the Assassin’s Creed RP community, and is one of the longest running, active ones out there. She’s done a lot of great things both in the RP community and outside of it. Her threads constantly provide some good reading, and she’s one of the few that I don’t mind following on my personal blog. I like how she interacts with non-RPers, too! She’s just so nice and deserves credit!



       Denora made the correction, and
       she could tell the difference. The
       knife moved much easier, gliding
       whichever way she guided it.
             ❝ Thank you. Oh, pardon my
                 rudeness. Denora. My
                 name is Denora. It is a
                 pleasure to meet you.

Hatito, Denora,” Alsoomse greeted with a smile, still focused entirely on properly skinning the kill before them. “And do not worry about it, you were not being rude. It would have been rude not to introduce yourself if we had met in more formal circumstances, though.” She gave the other woman a small smirk.

Miscarriage Blues || Closed


                    "You and me both… I don’t think I can wait

               any longer.”

          He placed his apple down and started to move

     towards her, grasping her wrist softly wanting to pull

     her outside. There no one would be able to hear them,

     either will Emily which would be another plus as well.

     Once they got outside, he pushed her against the wall,

     pressing his lips to hers.

Alsoomse squeaked slightly, her own apple dropping to the floor as she was pulled outside. She couldn’t utter a single word before she was pressed against the wall and Edward’s lips were on hers. She whimpered softly, fingers clinging onto his clothes and forcing him closer against her body. She clung to him, sorely missing the warm press of his body.

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Model AU


                    "Aye, they wouldn’t like that. And finding

               replacements would be hard as well. Heh…”

          He walked inside of the room, heading towards

     his suitcase to find him a change of clothes before

     moving towards the bathroom.

                    Make your self at home… Rest a bit, it will

               be a while before I get finish. I do have to look


"What a shame it would be having to give my wings to someone else," Alsoomse mourned teasingly. She meanwhile made her way to the bed and flopped down on it, deciding to kick her shoes off and snuggle on the comforter. "Okay," she said, nodding, "although you already look handsome—just a bit messy."

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Go Sleep on the Couch || Closed


          Emily, on the other hand, was wide wake

     sitting in bed playing with her doll. Like her

     father, she woke up early just like he did

     when he was a child and when he had a ship

     to take care of. Emily didn’t mind it, in fact

     she loved it. She looked up towards the door

     as it started to open and smiled at her mother

     when she walked in.


          She got herself out of bed and started to

     move towards her, hugging her lower waist.

Just like both her parents, Emily was an early bird. Alsoomse chuckled and embraced her daughter tightly, kissing her dark hair. “Howisiwapani,” she greeted with a warm smile, tucking a strand behind the girl’s ear. “And how is the most beautiful girl in the world this morning?”

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Bound to Water// Open rp


"It’s ok Alsoomse. Didn’t tell ya I was hungry before now." Taking a look at the food she nodded. "Yes this should do. Though I don’t think I’ll be able to eat this, ya might have some left over after I’m done."

Alsoomse nodded and quickly set about on preparing the food, scrambling to set up a small spit to cook the rabbit meat on. “I can have the leftovers that you have. It is no issue,” the Shawnee woman assured her.

Miscarriage Blues || Closed


                    "The other reason I wanted to stay down

               is because she wouldn’t be able to hear us.

               Not with the door closed and now when

               we’re downstairs…Or… We can go outside

               to make it more…romantic, if you wish.”

          He took another big bite out of the apple and

     gave her a slight wink as he started to walk around

     the kitchen to keep him self occupied while he

     tried to eat the apple in a hurry and try not to

     choke on it. 

"Oh, Edward…." Alsoomse breathed with a smirk. At one point she caught his eye, biting sensually into her apple while her eyes locked onto his. She hadn’t really teased like that in a while, after all, and she knew her husband well. Once she swallowed she stated, "Going outside sounds rather nice, love. After all, I have been cooped up inside for quite a long time…. Such a shame, really," she purred.

(Source: independentalsoomse)

Model AU


                    "Of course.”

          He gave her a nod of his head as he quieted

     down this time around. Instead of talking he

     just looked around trying to get familiar with his

     surroundings. It’s the only thing he could do

     while they were walking in the hot sun to his

     hotel. After about twenty minutes had passed,

     they were finally at the hotel.

                    "Here we are.”

          He walked into the lobby after her and started

     to move towards the elevator. Once the door

     closed, he quickly pressed the 4th floor button

     and gave her a small smile.

                    "No more walking for now, aye?”

Alsoomse kept close to him, helping him locate the hotel best she could. Once they got inside and into the elevator, she sighed in relief upon feeling the air conditioning. “Thank God,” she uttered with a small laugh, leaning against the wall of the elevator. She hadn’t minded the walk, but the humidity was murder. “We should probably grab a few water bottles on our way out. I don’t think either of our managements would appreciate it if we both died of a heat stroke,” she said in a teasing tone.

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Go Sleep on the Couch || Closed


          All through the night Edward paced around

     the room with his arms crossed over his arms.

     He was restless, only because he refused to

     sleep on that horrid couch. Slowly, Morning

     started to roll by, and Edward was on the floor

     with a book in his hands trying to read, but he

     kept reading the same words over and over again.

     It’s been like that since Three in the morning. It

     was now Eight in the morning. About that time

     where Everyone started to wake up. Especially

     his wife. She was the last person he wanted to

     see at the moment. Maybe he could take breakfast


Alsoomse awoke with the sun just as she always did. She stayed in the room, waiting for the time when Emily also awoke. The Shawnee woman took her time getting dressed, dreading the next time she’d have to face her husband. She felt rather horrible for how things played out the night before, but what could one expect? Her emotions chose that moment to blow up, apparently…. She sighed heavily and went to Emily’s room so that she could help her daughter get dressed for the day.

(Source: independentalsoomse)

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