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Kindred Spirits


The Assassin leaned into Alsoomse’s delicate touch, kissing her cheek.  ”I am in no hurry my dear, but I suppose we should finally begin the day.”  He then slowly climbed out of the bed they shared with a sigh.  The couple had shared so much within the course of the evening and the morning.  It was…an amazing feeling.  ”I was going to bathe in the lake nearby.  Would you…,care to join me?”  

"I suppose we should…" Alsoomse  grudgingly letting him go, staying in bed for a few moments longer as she shamelessly took that time to admire Connor’s unclothed figure. By the Creator, he was magnificent. And he was hers? She wanted to memorize every inch of him. “That sounds like a wonderful idea, Ratonhnhaké:ton,” she agreed with a soft smile as she finally sat up, stretching before getting out of bed as well. “And then we can have breakfast,” she continued in a teasing tone.

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{ SMS: The Wife } Well, this is one way to brighten my day. 
{ SMS: The Wife } Thanks for this, love. I needed it.
{ SMS: The Wife } That sounds excited 
{ SMS: The Wife } Perhaps I can fake a few coughs
here and there... Maybe a fever too.

[text: Hubby] Good.

[text: Hubby] Hurry home, love. I’ll be waiting.

Go Sleep on the Couch || Closed


          With a sigh, he got up from the chair

     and moved towards the dishes on the

     table, gathering them up before placing

     them in the dish bin next to the counter.

     Alsoomse could handle the dishes, and

     Edward can handle the leftovers. He was

     still a bit hungry, so that would be no

     problem anyway. There were only a bit

     of eggs left anyway.

          Once they were finally done, he

     motioned towards the back door letting

     her out first before he followed. Azure

     eyes searched around for Emily, but of

     course no sign of her.

                    "Do you see her?”

Alsoomse took hold of Edward’s hand once they had finished cleaning up the dishes and led him outside. She also scanned the area for their daughter but she couldn’t see her either. “No,” she stated with a shake of her head. She let go of her husband’s hand and knelt down on the soft ground, spying the tracks left by little feet. “Hmm…. Her tracks are here. Will you use your special sight?” she inquired, regarding to his eagle vision. Surely Emily couldn’t have gone too far.

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The Honeymoon || Closed


                    "The blue one. I like blue… Is it that


          He pointed towards it with his index

     finger before picking it up and placing it

     near his skin. Blue always does bring

     out his eyes. At least that’s what he


"I will not say," Alsoomse insisted with a grin, tilting her head and kissing his cheek. She’d do her best to keep it a surprise. She’d been making this beadwork to prove a point to her people. She’d be giving them as gifts to her family—including Edward, as he too was her family. "I like blue too. It is the colour of your eyes that I love so much. Like the Caribbean."

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Model AU


          "It would if you’re used to America’s ways…

           I was like that as well, had to hail a taxi for

           years and years until I finally got used to it…

           Lost my accent as well, I hated that the

           most. But enough about me, I want to hear

           more of your home… What is yours like?”

"I can still hear it some," Alsoomse pointed out before finishing off her second slice of pizza. She liked Edward’s accent. His voice was so soothing to her. "Well, I grew up in Oklahoma," she started, a fond smile on her lips. "I’m full-blooded Shawnee you know, so I grew up on the reservation—Eastern Shawnee, to be specific. My tribe ended up getting split into several in the 1800s."

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{ SMS: The Wife } Well, this is one way to brighten my day. 
{ SMS: The Wife } Thanks for this, love. I needed it.
{ SMS: The Wife } It does. 
{ SMS: The Wife } Though, I would like a hint for tonight...

[text: Hubby] I don’t know…. I wouldn’t want to spoil any surprises….

[text: Hubby] I WILL say that there are ice cubes and a blindfold involved….

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