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She say quietly and obediently as the people around her spoke, unwilling to get into any conversations unless her parents involved her in any of theirs; she preferred to stay quiet and think over all of the possible things she could say about Alsoomse. Furtively, she stole a glance over at her friend, then at the suitor, who didn’t sit very far from herself. Even she was beginning to get nervous.

Alsoomse conversed with her brother’s wife, glad not everyone at her table were politicians in need of swaying. The two women discussed some of the latest news and her in-law commented on how stunning Alsoomse looked. She smiled and blushed, thanking her. She stole a glance at Ziio, wondering if her friend was managing herself well.

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Achilles’ eyes widened slightly at the mention of the area where her home village remained. He had traveled throughout the Colonies, and knew it was a long trip by way of the Aquila, so the woman must have journeyed for quite some time. “Such a long way from home? What brings you here to the frontier just outside of Boston?” 

He gestured for her to follow him towards the large boulder on which he would sit and look out to the bay below. “You have traveled alone as well?”

"Well, as I said before, I have a rather insatiable curiosity," she started. "I wanted to see what was outside our borders. Granted, we trade often in Philadelphia, but I wanted to see more." Granted, that wasn’t the entire truth of what first brought her to New York and Boston, however she didn’t want to bring up such an obscure topic as the Templars.

Alsoomse followed, allowing her gaze to drift to the horizon. It was a beautiful view. “Yes, I did. I do not mind travelling with companions, but sometimes I have the need to be alone. My name’s meaning is rather fitting, actually: independent.” She grinned wryly and looked to the ground.

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Mia followed her friend into her village, looking around of course and observing the people going about their lives. A small friendly smile appeared on her features as they obviously looked up at her as she passed by.

She stayed back a bit and hopped off her horse, gently stroking its mane and petting it as Alsoomse talked with her cousin. Her smile growing wider as she saw how happy he was to finally see her. Then, when he looked at her she waved and not saying a word.

The Assassin walked towards Alsoomse and her cousin, stopping and holding out her hand. “My name is Mia, it is quite the pleasure to meet you.”

Alsoomse’s cousin looked curiously at Mia’s outstretched hand before turning to Alsoomse for help. “The settlers shake hands upon greeting,” she briefly explained to him. He nodded and brought up his hand, shaking Mia’s with a firm grasp. "Weshipto," he replied in turn. "It has been long since I have last seen my cousin, but I was under the impression that you would not be returning to us until later. What has happened?"

"My past has come back to haunt us," Alsoomse said in shame, wrapping her arms around herself. "Templars are headed toward our village with the same intent as before. We do not know how many there are nor how far away they are. We just know that we need to evacuate the village and have the warriors prepared. Mia and I have conducted a plan, but we need your help and we need to get ready quickly."

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